In Which I Feel Triumphant and Defeated All at Once

from by Jules Sherred



This book is so that nobody ever feels ashamed of their fear or anger, ever again. I know that is an impossible hope. Maybe a more realistic hope is, I hope this book lets you know that is okay that you feel the way you are feeling. That you are not alone in what you are feeling. That it really is perfectly okay and natural. There is no shame in it despite your best efforts to beat yourself up over it. That right at this very moment, odds are someone else is feeling the same things you are. I hope that if you start to feel alone, isolated and that nobody gets it, you can pick up this book, read it and really know you are definitely not alone.


from Tales Of A Lupus Butterfly Audiobook with PDF, released October 7, 2010
Audio: Julia Sherred
Cover Image: Mark Wheatley



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